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DemandSpot Stats – What to Expect

October 8, 2009

We’ve been getting some comments from the community lately, asking how well people were doing by using DemandSpot (for instance, these public tweets from @WomensCouncil, @JBlanchardHomes, and @KE03). That made me realize that many people probably need some more reassurance before using a new tool. Different sources for leads have vastly different success rates and as the best tool for Twitter lead-gen (if I may say so myself) we need to help our customers set their benchmarks for this source.

So this post is all about helping our users set their goals (and beat them) by letting you know how well others are doing – and how to do it well yourself. I won’t go into any specific user’s stats – that’s their private business (although I encourage you to share if you care to), but I can lay out some aggregate numbers. Here we go:

  • Over 2,000 messages were sent from agents to leads through DemandSpot to date (since early August).
  • Those messages were sent by just over 200 agents. The average – 10 messages per agent – is a lie: some sent over 100 messages, and some only sent one or two.
  • 42% of messages contained a link (to the agent’s website most of the time). 33% of those links were clicked by the persons they were sent to (yes, we can tell). That’s a huge huge CTR (click-through rate) – more than 10 times as much as you can expect from other traffic sources such as search ads or email marketing. Moreover, we can attach a face, name and Twitter account to those website visitors, so even if they didn’t fill up a form on your site, you can still follow up.
  • Most messages try to strike a conversation with the lead. Just over 1 in 6 are successful – success being measured as the lead sending back a (favorable) tweet. Follow-backs are even more common.
  • Some messages contain the agent’s email or phone number. Naturally, we can’t measure the response rate for those. I’d appreciate it if some people who tried this could chime in with their results.

It’s extremely important to realize that these numbers are just statistical averages, and do not represent the typical case. Some of our users see over 50% success rate in striking a conversation with leads on Twitter (and then off it), while others fail completely. We did an extensive research, poring over more than 500 messages, to try and identify what makes a successful sales-tweet. I published the results here, and reading them can seriously improve your own results (on DemandSpot and on Twitter in general).


  • Keep on tweeting. On average, 1 in 6 tweets will lead to a conversation. Don’t give up after just one or two.
  • Learn and improve. Educate yourself on what works. Some resources include our own research, and @nik_nik’s excellent ebook.

We understand that many agents find it hard to make time for tweeting leads persistently. That’s no reason to miss the opportunity to farm Twitter for leads though. DemandSpot has auto-responders, that do the tweeting and following of leads in your area automatically. Unlike the rest of our service, auto-responders cost money (based on performance), so you get $10 free when you sign-up to give them a try.

Your turn now: let us know what works for you, what doesn’t, and what else we can do to make you successful. We add new features and improvements to our website on a weekly basis and your feedback matters!

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