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New in DemandSpot: Email Alerts

January 18, 2010

We’re very excited to share our newest feature – email alerts – which has been a very common request among our users.
Actually, it’s not an entirely new feature – it’s been available on our site for some weeks now, and we’ve been testing it throughout the holidays and the first half of January. Now it’s time to tell the world about it.

You won’t be surprised to learn that email, not Twitter, is the preferred form of communication amongst our users. The following scenario has happened all too often: someone uses DemandSpot to find a lead, then tweets them to offer his or her service. The lead replies that they’d like to learn more and… nothing. The User, in this case, hasn’t been checking their Twitter account often enough. The solution is simple – send the DemandSpot user an email to tell them of the opportunity (lead). It’s now available, and you can let us know what kind of events you’d like to receive in an email (and how often) from our settings page.

An even more common scenario is when someone starts using DemandSpot to find leads in their area, but gets tired of coming back to our website to check for new leads. The solution is practically the same – an email search alert. It works pretty much like Google alerts where get an email whenever Google finds new web pages that match your keywords. In DemandSpot you search for leads by location and keywords and we send you an email as soon as we find new leads that match your search.
We created this short how-to video to show how easily you can add a search alert on DemandSpot:

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